Nasdaq Grows Alt Data Feeds

After debuting its Nasdaq Analytis Hub in May, the global exchange operator has added four new data sets that provide insights from corporate filings, combinations of fundamental and technical factors, and two different approaches for long and short investing.

“Nasdaq is continuing to bring innovation and change to the buy-side through products like the Analytics Hub,” said Terry Wade, senior vice president at Nasdaq. “Collaborating with innovative partners to provide more signals will help provide more clarity around investing in today’s markets and will serve as a highly valuable and informative resource for our client base.”

Market participants will benefit from the data sets because of the new signals designed for the most common buy-side holding periods and the most common corporate filings. These sets will allow firms to understand and predict underlying movement for the securities in their portfolios and models.

The new data set providers are 280first, which delivers data focused on changes in SEC financial filings, scoring the language to create signals to reflect changes in a firm’s plans, strategies, and risks; Lucena Research, which provides two new data sets based on artificial intelligence and algorithmic multi-factor ensemble voting to forecast equities’ price predictions; and PredictWallStreet, which harnesses the collective intelligence of online retail investors, and provides daily trading signals on US equities, ADRs, and ETFs based on this retail sentiment.

“We’re honored to partner with Nasdaq to help the investment community make more informed, smarter decisions,” said Zhiping Zhao, co-Founder of 280first. “Adding our product’s actionable information from corporate filing data will become a highly valued and critical component of the Nasdaq Analytics Hub.”

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