Hiring and changing jobs continues into the deep summer.

The trading business isn't what it used to be.


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The firm plans to expand its bond-trading business in the Irish capital.

Buy-side enterprise data management platform gets digitized.

MiFID II requires firms to report their top five trading venues.

Electronic trading tools force out human sales traders.

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Norway SWF Has Best Return

The fund had its highest half-year return in kroner.

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Who Safeguards
the Industry?

ISDA and OSSG prep for alternative reference rates.

Vendor looks to extend its transparent reporting system.

MiFID II requires unbundling of payments for research.

Chief exec of LSE Group says rebates are a form of corruption.

Multiple factors keep a lid on late-summer trading.

The regulator has denied authorization to more than 200 firms in the past 12 months.

Trading for liquid bonds could eventually move entirely to central limit order books.

The SEC Chair puts the break on the exchange's acquisition by foreign buyers.

Clients receive additional bilateral liquidity ahead of MiFID II.

Industry awaits regulator's conclusions.

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NAFTA 2.0 to Include Fintech

Negotiations to include tech and services that are not covered by the original agreement.