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Can Brexit Boost London Fintech?

The city's expertise and capital will be there regardless of whether the U.K. is in the 'Single Market'.

AxeTrading looks at what is arguably MiFID II's thorniest component.

Why getting the technology balance right is critical for survival.

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QDDs and Tax Compliance

There are tax implications for banks that become Qualified Derivatives Dealers.

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Repo Trading Tips Electronic

E-trading continues its steady growth

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Storm in a Tea Cup

Markets may or may not be safer under MiFID II, but they're certainly more complicated and costly.

Factor-based investments gain ground among passive investors.

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4 Key Issues for 2018

The Smart Cube says to watch MiFID II, AI, active investing, and sustainable investing.

Trade Ideas CEO says today's trading methods will be unrecognizable to the next generation.

A rather frank assessment of the upcoming regulation.