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Whither Capital Formation?

STA CEO wonders whether the shift to passive investing is crimping IPOs.

Firms could find themselves attempting to comply with conflicting laws.

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Can Banks Get Smarter?

Rethinking AI to achieve 'customer-centricity' at reasonable cost.

Indexes providers need to modernize to better their performance.

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FX Trading, Post-MiFID

Voice trading needs to be integrated with e-trading functionality.

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Finance Warms Up to Cloud

ITRS CEO reviews factors driving financial-services uptake of public and private cloud.

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Challenges Drive Data Innovation

A look at the forces shaping technological advances in the world of data management.

When considering a firm’s governance, a holistic approach makes sense.

DTCC sees an opportunity to improve the consistency of inter-firm data.

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Research Billing and Unbundling

Meritsoft explains why U.S. firms must pay close attention ahead of MiFID II.