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Congress Gets Access-Pilot Earful

Calls for Reg NMS revamp ring at House hearing.

NN Investment Partners uses social media to measure sentiment in its investment process.


Buy Side
06.08.2017 By Rob Daly
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06.13.2017 By Rob Daly
Latest News
05.31.2017 By Terry Flanagan
06.05.2017 By Terry Flanagan

Authorities want to aggregate data reported across trade repositories.

Tina Byles Williams of FIS Group assesses the changing landscape for the buy side.

More institutions are framing investment objectives in the form of an outcome, not a benchmark return.

R3 and four banks have built a prototype for issuance of Euro Commercial Paper on Corda.

On the buy-side trading desk, seamless systems integration proves elusive.

Machines beat a conference room full of lawyers manually reviewing docs.

Chinese authorities want local-currency government bonds to be in indexes.

The firm completes natural language processing PoC.

From The Markets

Demystifying DEA

Vela Trading Technologies assesses direct electronic access in advance of MiFID II.

Aim is to provide price improvement ahead of MiFID II.

Market maker continues hiring spree.

The financial industry is at the beginning of a digital era.

A new application aims to unlock liquidity in the global credit markets.

Instinet adds BlockCross to its portfolio.

Gov. Jerome Powell offers alternative approaches.