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Not Your Father’s NYFIX

Connectivity needs of the buy side are considerably more complex these days.

Instinet adds BlockCross to its portfolio.


Buy Side
06.08.2017 By Rob Daly
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06.13.2017 By Rob Daly
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05.31.2017 By Terry Flanagan
06.05.2017 By Terry Flanagan

Gov. Jerome Powell offers alternative approaches.

Is Reg NMS ready for a re-write or replacement?

From The Markets

IPC Launches Unigy 360

Tapping the cloud for communications.

Contributors Corner

Winning the Research Battle

Fintech firm says sell-side research should use data-driven approach.

Saudi Arabia's stock exchange gets market data faster.

ICMA warns that CSDR buy-in is the ultimate deterrent to lending corporate bonds.

Announces innovation contest for its annual meeting

More analysis needed, said Giancarlo during his nomination hearing.

Lack of information on research pricing is a hurdle for MiFID II unbundling.

Bloomberg report sheds light on the market maker's latest initiative.

Agency execution firm snags a block trading network.

Firms aim to solve for one of the most operationally demanding aspects of the new rule set.

The Esma Post-Trading Standing Committee is looking for new members.

From The Markets

CFTC Eyes Renaissance Code

However, the fund declines to provide it.

Next-gen advisors broaden product support and depth.

China’s bond market is now more likely to be included in benchmark indices.