GoldenSource Releases Hosted Management Service

Data-management vendor GoldenSource has released a new hosted data-management service, dubbed GoldenSource Nexus, company officials announced today, November 29.

The offering supports front- to back-office operations and allows asset managers to scale their existing IT infrastructure in order to add new asset classes and satisfy latest regulations such as MiFID II, Funding Liquidity, and Reporting Modernization. With asset managers currently consumed with finding new ways to pay for research and the passive investment revolution, GoldenSource Nexus frees up some much-needed headspace.

“For too long now, portfolio managers have been bogged down with distracting activities such as having to approach multiple IT people in order download their own extracts from spreadsheets,” said Prashant Kumar, senior vice president at GoldenSource. “The true value of any front office lies in the ability to embrace their own processes and workloads. By always putting the right data in the hands of the right people GoldenSource Nexus means IT isn’t an inhibitor to this.”

GoldenSource Nexus also allows investment managers to quickly ingest new data sets, normalize and commingle it with existing data, and have the right data available to all systems, no matter how fragmented. And it can be used for both instrument and issuer level reporting. Strong service level agreements, along with the most secure data centers and fastest connectivity, mean that GoldenSource Nexus has come at an ideal time for the industry, with trade transaction and transaction reporting pressures mounting ahead of MiFID II implementation on January 3, 2018.

“The amount of regulatory reporting on different products being traded that needs to be done is now at breaking point,” Kumar added. “All this additional information needs to be identified for each transaction, which leaves a huge amount of counterparty data that now needs to be managed. GoldenSource Nexus makes sure the right information is made available throughout, for example, the MiFID II reporting stages. The same rigorous methodology is also applied to data and processes for pricing, order management, performance attribution, IBOR and risk.”

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