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Raising the Standards in Order Router Transparency


At Tradebook, we believe that it is the broker’s responsibility to protect the client in the marketplace. Transparency breeds trust, … Read more

Introduction and Growth of VIX


With the creation of the VIX index in 1993 and the subsequent listing of tradable futures and options in 2004 … Read more

Big Data at the SEC


One thing everyone agrees on when it comes to the U.S. Equity market structure is that it’s incredibly complex. The … Read more

Investment-Manager Selection in Focus


In today’s marketplace, institutional asset owners such as pensions, endowments and foundations can select from a broad array of choices when designing and managing portfolios. Read more

SEC Probes Price Tiering in the Bond Market


This Bloomberg News story has been making the rounds and garnering a lot of feedback. Here is my take. First, … Read more

Southeast Asia: Are Inflows Here to Stay or Storm Clouds Ahead?


The Southeast Asia region has been on the radar recently with the world searching for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. … Read more

How Can Big Data Help Optimize Trade Execution?


Googling “Big Data” results in 2.1 billion hits in 0.4 seconds. That in itself is big data indeed. According to … Read more

2013 Impact Events in the Corporate Bond Market


By Anthony Perrotta, CEO, Cornerstone Resources “Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; … Read more

The Maker-Taker Model and Access Fees: It’s Time for the SEC to Correct the Prisoner’s Dilemma


The following comment is the opinion of the author and not necessarily the opinions of my employer, Bloomberg Tradebook, or … Read more

What’s to Come in the Yellen Years?


By Tad DeVan, Forex Analyst at Market Traders Institute As of January 6, 2013, Ben Bernanke’s successor has been officially … Read more

The Volcker Rule: A Closer Look


By Arun Kaul, AK Capital Management The Volcker Rule (VR), which was approved December 10, 2013 by a consortium of … Read more

Trading Technologies’ Trade Talk : On the Air with X_TRADER® in 3…2…1


It is a very rewarding experience when happy customers invite me to educate their peers on the benefits of using … Read more

Trading Technologies’ Trade Talk : In a Real FIX


The wonders of modern technology are miraculous. Who wasn’t amazed by the news of Voyager I’s departure from the solar … Read more

Trading Technologies’ Trade Talk : Ready, Set, Code


Through the TT University Program, TT partners with universities around the world to help them prepare students for careers in … Read more

Trading Technologies’ Trade Talk : Study on Study


With the release of X_STUDY® 7.8.0, users of our charting application can now apply a technical indicator (or study) to … Read more

Trading Technologies’ Trade Talk : At the Core of Autospreader®


With a few blogs already posted on using Autospreader®, I thought it would be good to take a step back, look … Read more

Fed Tapering and the Invoice Spread


Global capital markets have been in flux over the past few months, to say the least. In early April, Japanese … Read more

Trading Technologies’ Trade Talk : Spotlight on the Buy Side


I’m very excited about today’s announcement regarding the production release of the TT MultiBroker solution. The MultiBroker platform represents the … Read more

Trading Technologies’ Trade Talk : Good School Hunting


Now before the villagers storm the castle with sickle and sword, let me just say I’m a patron of the … Read more

Trading Technologies’ Trade Talk : An Introduction to Dynamic Hedging with Autospreader®


When considering what to cover in my first blog post, I kept coming back to topics related to spread trading. … Read more

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