‘Open Outcry’ Thrives at NYSE Options

In a financial world increasingly dominated by screen-based electronic trading, the floor of the NYSE Amex Options exchange is proof that face-to-face trading is not only a key component of its business but it is thriving.

Q&A with Contix CEO Ryan Bailey

By Dan Simon, Markets Media Correspondent After Selerity’s scoop of Twitter’s earning (ironically sent out over a tweet) sent the stock through the floor, it’s…

Fidelity's Northwood 'Engineers' Trading

Fidelity’s Northwood ‘Engineers’ Trading

Mark Northwood, global head of equity trading at Fidelity Worldwide Investment, has a degree in mechanical engineering from Imperial College in London.

Turning Data Management Into a Competitive Advantage

By Michael Lobosco, Director, Advent Data Services, Advent Software More than ever, investment management firms live and die by the availability and accuracy of their…