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Asset Classes Travel Different Paths Toward Automation


Asset classes are following different paths toward automated markets, according to Ian Domowitz, managing director and head of analytics at … Read more

Summer C-Level Series: Sean Debotte, OmegaATS


The major theme has been growth, both by volume and value of equities traded, and in market share. Read more

China Options Markets To Follow U.S. Model


China is preparing to launch equity index options on the China Financial Futures Exchange and single stock options on the … Read more

Asset Managers Face Operational Challenges


Asset management firms and service providers are faced with a deluge of regulations, business line diversification, and data, all of … Read more

Summer C-Level Series: Roji Oommen, CenturyLink


CenturyLink Technology Solutions’ focus is on delivering an integrated unified platform of cloud services and dedicated managed services across our global datacenter footprint. Read more

OPINION: Are Ex-Regulators the New Rainmakers?


Last week, Reuters reported that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has been seeking information on the operations of 10 … Read more

Canada Reviews Order Protection Rule


On May 15, Canadian securities regulators proposed amending the Order Protection Rule to make it easier for marketplaces to ignore, … Read more

Costs of FX Transactions Prove Elusive


Measuring transaction costs on foreign exchange trading is difficult because the data needed to make the necessary calculations doesn’t get … Read more

Power Tools For Wealth Managers


In the wealth management industry, every minute spent on record keeping and compliance tasks represents time taken away from the … Read more

Summer C-Level Series: Tom Rollinger, Red Rock Capital


The significant appetite for, and growth of, our Commodity Long-Short program. Read more

Raw Computing Power Versus Human Intuition


Human traders are relying on computers to search news feeds and social media for investment themes and for triggering actual … Read more

T+2 May Lead to More Failed Trades


Chris Smith, head of post trade at Trax, the trade matching and reporting services technology provider, warned that the number … Read more

Trade Reconstruction Requirements Hit Swaps Market


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), as mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act, has imposed trade reconstruction and other recordkeeping requirements … Read more

Investment Firms Eye IBOR


Because the concept of an investment book of record (IBOR) is relatively new, firms may need to rejigger their portfolio … Read more

Taking the ‘Stress’ Out of Distressed Investing


Distressed situations, as when a company is undergoing reorganization under the federal bankruptcy laws, can present golden opportunities for savvy … Read more

China To Commence Options Trading


China’s first options exchange is expected to launch later this year or early next year, and in preparation, U.S. market … Read more

Summer C-Level Series: Alasdair Haynes, Aquis Exchange


We launched Aquis Exchange at the very end of 2013, so the first half of this year has all been about executing our business plan. Read more

Future Bright for Managed Futures


Liquid alternative mutual funds provide retail and institutional investors with access to fund managers with expertise in particular strategies, especially … Read more

Low Bond Yields Drive Hedge-Fund Flows


Persistently low interest rates are helping drive capital flows into hedge funds, as institutional asset owners such as pension plans, … Read more

Liquid Alternatives Move Downstream


As allocations to alternative assets increase across both retail and institutional channels, alternative managers are expanding strategies available to institutional … Read more

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