Instinet spies an opportunity to personalize trading.

Aspects of the rule may create logistical headaches for investment firms.

David Weisberger shares his thoughts on broker fines and order books.

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DOL Fiduciary Rule in Focus

Financial advisers should connect the dots between how products are created, sold and managed.

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Blockchain Hasn't Arrived Yet

Delta Capita says at this time, blockchain is more Betamax than truly transformative technology.

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Blockchain Crosses the Delaware

Caitlin Long of Symbiont says smart securities will disrupt corporate finance.

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The Hybrid Market: 10 Years Later

Combining the best of the trading floor and electronic markets.

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Middle Office in the Cloud

Henrique Hablitschek of Equinix says this area of financial institutions is primed for a migration.

Tina Byles Williams of FIS Group assesses the changing landscape for the buy side.

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Winning the Research Battle

Fintech firm says sell-side research should use data-driven approach.