Tina Byles Williams of FIS Group assesses the changing landscape for the buy side.
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Winning the Research Battle

Fintech firm says sell-side research should use data-driven approach.

Big Data U.S. Fixed Income: Who’s Your Daddy?

When will Form N-PORT XML Schema be released?

Data served up in a far more agile way – with the focus on the consumer.

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Buy-Side Data Management Evolves

From awareness, to early adoption, to refinement/improvement and cost savings.

There is consensus: the options market is more complex than it needs to be.

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Are You (User) Experienced?

Chris White of ViableMkts notes that the adoption of new fixed income solutions remains elusive.

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Assessing MiFID II's Impact

The origins of MiFID II may be in Europe, but the impact is truly global.

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Bloomberg exec notes LEIs are now part of KYC and client on-boarding in the EU.