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The Case for the Fourth Network

Taskize argues for a new level of inter-operability and industrialisation of banking processes.
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Recapping STAC

'Trading Under Trump' was among topics parsed at last week's Chicago event.

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Buy side needs an integrated solution for multi-asset trading, Aite Group writes.

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Chinese Liquidity On the Rise

Invesco cites stabilizing growth and continued debt risk as investment themes.

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Hockey Fans Don't Need Regulation

Blueshirts game prompts the STA's Jim Toes to ponder finreg.

Colt's Ralph Achkar discusses impact of technology on FX markets

A governance infrastructure and centralized reporting are needed, says Joanna Fields of Aplomb Strategies.

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The Blind Men and the Elephant

Understanding a broker's routing process can shed light on institutional trading.

More multi-asset trading boosts the role of the EMS, says FlexTrade.

Non-U.S. investors seeking custody from U.S. institutions are faced with unique problems.