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Data Under MiFID II

Vela's Ollie Cadman says new regs make data an invaluable asset for trading desks.
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Thomas in Blockland

Fidessa's Steve Grob tells a short MiFID II yarn.

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IEX Launches Free Web API

Stock-exchange upstart says it's only providing market participants with their own information.

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Countdown to MiFID II

Interxion whitepaper assesses best execution, Brexit, and trading infrastructure.

Sell-side vet Monnery will focus on defining product strategy and client delivery.

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CSX Buyout Would Boost Chicago

Exchange board member says Chinese ownership group would create fintech jobs.

There will be one fewer U.S. exchange operator as of month-end.

Agency broker hires Robin Strong for commission management, research payment and outsourcing services.

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Is the Maker-Taker Pilot DOA?

FlexTrade notes the long-awaited pilot may be in limbo or postponed.

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ICE to Buy TMX Atrium

Connectivity provider offers the lowest latency between Toronto and New York.