A firm's data might be more valuable than its core business offering.
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MiFID II to Boost Data Value

Firms' ability to mine and utilize data will be mission-critical.

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CAT Q&A: Jess Haberman, Fidessa

For trading firms, sorting out workflows is high up on the CAT to-do list.

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Raising the Bar on Venue Analysis

Are trades executed in line with the intent of the orders?

It's about ensuring the technology stack 'just works'.

Fallout from post-crisis regulatory reform spawned the idea for OpenDoor Trading.

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What is Research Worth?

Asset managers find it difficult to quantify what has previously not been quantified.

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MiFID II SI Status Unclear

13 systematic internalisers received market identifier codes last month.

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Moving Across Borders

Trading in multiple asset classes requires secure, reliable and efficient connectivity.

Multiple factors keep a lid on late-summer trading.