Distributed ledger technology is disrupting the legacy siloed approach to assets.

Fixed income platform operator cites innovation and regulation as recent drivers.


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Investment managers direct more money towards data and analytics.

MiFID II has changed the liquidity landscape.

CEO says euro clearer in needed in EU after Brexit.

Asset managers get help meeting their compliance obligations.

Vendor landscape is fragmented and dominated by legacy technology.

The investment manager has reduced execution costs by 64%.

Discussions are in 'advanced' stage.

The ratio needs to consider delta adjustments and netting, according to the CME Group.

The derivative platform closed its second funding round this month.

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SEC Suspends Three Cryptos

Regulator examine value of assets and holdings amid ICOs.

Key challenges include the cost of legacy systems and new regulatory mandates.

The FCA receives over 500,000 scheduled annual reports.

The acquisition of the Irish Stock Exchange is due to close next month.

This is the CFTC's first fintech innovation arrangement outside the US.

VeloCity will accelerate fintech tailored to asset management.